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Omni by General


Omni by General is the first all-white snus by Swedish Match. The white portions are small and dry (<5% moisture), and thanks to a new manufacturing technology, Omni provides the same nicotine experience as traditional snus. Omni comes in two different strengths, regular and extra strong.

Omni portions are size wise quite small: each weigh 0,4 g and their nicotine content is 3 mg respectively 6 mg. Once the dry portion has been moistened under the lip, the 3-mg portion is perceived approximately as strong as a regular strength General pouch with 8 mg/g nicotine and the 6-mg portion is said to be equivalent to an extra strong snus with 15 mg/g nicotine.


The contents are a mix of cellulose fibers, a smaller share of tobacco and food grade approved additives. Omni does not have to be stored cool like other snus products and does not stain.


Omni comes in two flavors, peppermint and salty licorice with hints of fudge - which one would you like to try?