General Kardus 2017

General Kardus 2017

This year's version of General Kardus has been aromatized in collaboration with Hernö Gin Distillery. The snus has a dark and spicy tobacco character with hints of dried fruit, chocolate and juniper wood, as well as juniper berries and citrus.

The tobacco is single-cut (not ground as snus normally is) into pieces that are 0,72 mm wide, which provides a unique flavor experience and feel under the lip.

The tobacco is carefully selected and imported from three different countries and the it has different characteristics that come together in this fantastic blend:

The Philippines – heat dried light Virginia tobacco – semi-cavendish, which means that it has been through a heating process and the result is a dark brown, almost black tobacco that has a lot of flavor and aroma.

Spain – air dried tobacco and dark air cured - which gives the tobacco a dark and powerful character, with hints of cacao and dried fruit.

India – sun dried Malawi Western tobacco. The tobacco is dark air cured, but also sun dried, which makes it a lighter tobacco with a dark a spicy flavor with a clear bitterness.

The nicotine level is 13mg/g which is in the stronger category. In each of the 1500 3D-printed cans produced you will find 100 grams of a snus out of the ordinary!

Only 1 Kardus per customer; UPS-shipping ONLY (if available to your destination).